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Powerful software at an affordable price

Housecall Pro has all the features you need at a fraction of the cost and no long-term commitment required.

Housecall Pro vs ServiceTitan

All the features you need

We’ve built easy-to-use, robust features that you’ve been waiting for. Don’t over complicate your business and spend more than you need to. Plus, no long term commitment required!

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Scheduling jobs and estimates Dispatching multiple techs, On-my-way notifications
Manage a price book, Flat rate pricing, develop pricing content, customer history/property data, add notes, photo tags
Job costing and profitability with material costs and labor time
Request reviews
Recurring jobs and Service Plan memberships
Customizable text messages
Track material usage
Lead source tracking
Vehicle GPS tracking
Quickbooks online integration
Flexible payment collection and consumer financing
24/7 call answering service
Business financing
High rated mobile app
Huge pro Facebook community for support resources
Not required to sign an annual contract
Affordable for any size business

*Source Apple Store rating Information as of November 2022

Why Housecall Pro?

Easy for any business size

Get the tools and support you are looking for to grow with Housecall Pro. If you’re considering ServiceTitan for your business software, know exactly what you’re getting into

Onboard your business quickly

When you buy something, you don’t want to wait months to use it. Don’t let the onboarding process be cumbersome. With Housecall Pro, once you log in, you’ll be guided through quick steps of setting up your profile, including your Google Local Business profile, and connecting to Quickbooks. And you’ll get the support you need from our team along the way. And if you’re thinking your business is too complex to get online in days – not weeks – then you haven’t tried Housecall Pro.

Get online today: start a free trial of Housecall Pro now.

Best-in-class support for the long-haul

With Housecall Pro, your success is backed by our dedicated support team that’ll be here for you for the long-haul. Every customer gets access to our support teams from your mobile app, phone, or website. And our larger, more complex businesses can opt-in for a dedicated success agent to guide you through using the product. So don’t feel bad if ServiceTitan rejected you for not being “big enough,” we know that every business has the opportunity to grow. Our expert support team, dedicated agents, and the largest community of over 18,000 pros will provide you with the best experience possible, no matter how big or small your home services business may be.

Don’t get bullied into your company software: start a free trial of Housecall Pro today.
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No annual contract required

Great software shouldn’t require long-term contracts. When something works, you’ll want to use it. When it comes to cost, Housecall Pro plans are available in annual or monthly plan types. ServiceTitan pricing is only available in annual contracts. If you’re in the field service industry, Housecall Pro is the obvious choice with all the features you’ve been looking for, at a reasonable price, with easy onboarding, and a team that will help your business grow long-term.

No long-term commitment required: start a free trial of Housecall Pro today.

Discover the ways Housecall Pro is different than ServiceTitan:

What our pros say

Very user-friendly

ServiceTitan made life very difficult. With Housecall Pro, it’s very user-friendly, you’ll keep your technicians very happy.

Caleb H.
Brown’s HVAC

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